Feeling bad about the Phils getting swept? May I suggest some consumer therapy?

While it is true that the Phillies just got their assess handed to the  by the very team that is chainsg them in the lackluster NL East, there are still reasons to be feeling good – even on a Monday.  The good folks at The Fightins (a site that always causes me to (a) laugh hysterically and (b) restart Firefox) and Birdland have come up with more designs that allow you to show your love, even when times are tough.300300-1 Their catalog of Phillies T’s was recently mentioned in the City Paper (whose website is so busy and annoying that I’ll take the restart necessitated by a Fightin’s visit any day) and the shirts are becoming more and more prevalent around the park.

So, yeah, we got skooled this weekend, but I’d rather it happened now than in (dare I say it) October.  So go spend some money, stimulate the economy and make yourself feel better.