Sounds to me like Gail will NEVER permit Frank Zappa music to be distributed via iTunes

Strong language from a strong woman:

I am not a fan of iTunes. I am not a fan of their growth through their overbearing means by which they have a reduced value of music. First, they taught everyone how to steal it and then they said,” Oops, sorry here’s how you can pay for it really cheap!” So you know, I’m not a fan of that and I’m not a fan of price-fixing, which is something they do. You don’t have a lot of choice in what you can offer and how you can offer it. I mean they just have rules and I understand that it is probably just a by-product of some of their programming issues but there should be other choices. I believe that the future is that there will be other choices and they will be on every artists own fan site or a conglomerate consortium of artists’ fan sites that’s not controlled by an outside party that does not respect artist’s rights.

This is from a recent interview that was linked by the fantastic Kill Ugly Radio blog.  Go there for more quotes and a link to the whole.  Gail rocks!

Apple is going to allow competition with Apple on your iPhone?!?


I would have thought, “No way!”  Apple likes to be in its own little world, with its own little file protocols and its own OS and everythings locked down nice and tight.  Of course, given the success of iTunes, maybe Apple is not too worried about letting me buy songs from Rhapsody while I’m strolling around town.  It’s bold, and it looks like its actually going to happen.