Latest version of Guitar Rig looks snazzy, but I’ll stick with my Line 6


Guitar Rig was my first guitar-to-computer interface and it was really impressive.  This latest version still looks impressive, but ever since I switched over to the Line 6 HD300, which has the A/D converter built into a steel pedal board, I haven’t had much use for Guitar Rig.  Here’s the article about the newest version.  A lot of these features are already available in the Line 6 product.  Basically, the Line 6 works more like something you’d have on stage.  The Guitar Rig (by Native Instruments – a GREAT company from Germany)seems more like a studio tool.

Mpomy and Guitar Rig Session

That’s not my guitar, but its very similar to the instrument that was used to create this 2 minute jam (Notice the Funk 49 reference at the beginning – not intentional). More important than the guitar, however, is the fact that this represents a good solution. After work, basically no time to work on composing, but I had a real need to rock out. So, I just hooked up to Guitar Rig and ran that, not as a plug-in, but rather as a stand-alone. It’s got a recorder that let me get down some ideas very quickly. I wouldn’t try to merge these into a Logic project, but at least the ideas have been taken down quickly and cleanly. I also have to compliment the folks at Native Instruments who made the guitar sound pretty realistic.

This what it sounds like.