Gone With The Pope? Right here in Philly? You wouldn’t kid me about stuff like this, would you?

Thanks to the wonderful QuietEarth website, I have learned that this disgusting, exploitative, gore-fest about kidnapping the Pope (!) will be showing at the Philadelphia Film Alliance Danger After Dark Festival.  The trailer is not safe for work, not politically correct, and not lacking in pure 70’s awesomeness:

Michael Jack$on RIP – Really Improved Profits!


In Philadelphia, we’ve seen a tremendous cottage (cheeze) industry of KoP memorial-abilia; lots of buttons and lots of t-shirts.  Philebrity documented the local, entrepreneurial spirit over a week ago, and, with yesterday’s media circus heartfelt goodbye the demand is as strong as ever.

But whatever might be happening in my hometown at the street level is nothing compared to the big numbers that MJ’s untimely end is raking up.  Dorothy nails it down over at Forbes.com.  now all we need is for Staples to start selling the one sequined glove.