Felicia Day – probably a good person for me to keep up with, especially if it were still 2005

Just got finished reading Dorothy’s article about Felicia Day.  Rather than repeat all ther pertinent details to those who are as clueless as I, I’ll just let Dorothy do the talking.  Suffice to say, the girl’s got a web series over which she appears to retain total control.  She has made herself into an internet star.  Is this the model for the new media?  She also blogs and tweets regularly.  So, why not add all of that to my (already extensive) reading list?  It makes sense, because she’s been right about so much in her approach to marketing and entertainment.

If the hope is to see where we are going, other will undoubtedly look to her for a clue.  Shouldn’t I be one of those people?  I don’t know.  I think I’ll just keep lumbering along like a woolly mammoth for a little while.  It may just be that snarky interweb TV episodes aren’t my thing.

As i look to the future, I’m much more interested in these guys and what they do.

Michael Jack$on RIP – Really Improved Profits!


In Philadelphia, we’ve seen a tremendous cottage (cheeze) industry of KoP memorial-abilia; lots of buttons and lots of t-shirts.  Philebrity documented the local, entrepreneurial spirit over a week ago, and, with yesterday’s media circus heartfelt goodbye the demand is as strong as ever.

But whatever might be happening in my hometown at the street level is nothing compared to the big numbers that MJ’s untimely end is raking up.  Dorothy nails it down over at Forbes.com.  now all we need is for Staples to start selling the one sequined glove.

I don’t want to be a haytah, but KA-BloooEY!!!

Destroy your TV

Destroy your TV

Dorothy ‘s latest article over at Forbes.com has some dire revelations in TV advertising.  It seems that in the past, most of the ad revenue (billions of dollars) for the Fall season is already committed by now.  This year, however, the amount of money committed is exactly nothing – $0.00.  That sounds serious.  Maybe serious enough for network TV to go off the air?  A boy can dream, can’t he?