I’ve been locked in to @opera as my default desktop browser for a few weeks now

… and everything is going great.  I’ve just been all about this browser from Scandinavia for so long (could it be, on and off, ten years?), that I can’t let it go.  I’ve just finished many months using Safari because the earlier version of Opera 10 could not handle Google Calendar.  Although that problem is not currently solved, it is being very well managed.  The calendar simply has a tendency to be a bit too wide, so a little scrolling allows you to see everything clearly.  The one other issue I’m having is with the Nike+ page that I use to keep track of my running.  Opera, at least for Mac, can’t see that page at all.  Also, legal research at Lexis is still being done on Safari, but I haven’t tried the latest update Opera.  It may work, but the folks at Lexis have one of the worst websites of all time, so I’m inclined to not challenge it with anything remotely out of the ordinary.

Before going back to Opera, I did give the Firefox 4 beta a go and it was lovely, showed every page I could think of, but was slow with extensions.  In fact, it was slow without extensions.  I know everyone loves Firefox, but I’ve never had a good experience with consistent use.  Maybe once 4 is finalized I’ll give it another go.  It’s got tremendous features.

I haven’t gone back to Chrome for a long time, and I really don’t know why.  My main issue is that I have an aging computer (almost three years!!) and I need the lightest software available.  Chrome advertises itself as such and I liked it while I used it, and now can’t remember why I stopped. Maybe I should give it a go again.

But Opera is like an old friend, like a certain band that is so cool, but nobody else knows about it.  Plus, stuff from Scandinavia are awesome!

Black Mac (book)

New computer is integrating nicely into my work routine. It’s really cool having everything available all the time – that WAS the point. It’s kind of amazing how Outlook doesn’t export calendar at all and the export for contacts is so difficult that it might as well not be available. And this is from Office (windows) to Office (mac) – all Microsoft products. They just can’t get it right!

But everything is going swimmingly and, except for the import/export issues, I really like Entourage. the rest of Office is pretty much the same (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). The project management is keeping me on my toes.