Now Pitching for the Phillies, Pedro Martinez


I find the whole thing to be quite surreal.  You wanted a big name pitcher for the run to the post-season.  It doesn’t get much bigger than this, but for the last two years, the guy has not pitched.  I still remember how Steve Carlton hung on too long.  he didn’t just stay past his prime, Lefty stayed past his ability to pitch to major leaguers.  If you weren’t around for that episode, let me just say two words – Brett Farve.

There is really only one question that concerns me now – can he get people out?  If he can get big league batters out, then he will be an asset to this team.  He came across great at his press conference and any fan of the Phillies can’t help but be excited by his energy.  If nothing else, his attitude is youthful and his track record erases all doubt about competitiveness.

Freddy Garcia passed a physical, but was never able to pitch properly, proved to be injured, and has no career now to speak of.  So, we know the Phillies’ physicals don’t always pan out.  But if Martinez can get batters out, then this will have been worthwhile.