See Emily Play – BOOKMARK THIS!

See Emily Play is looking pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself.  It is so liberating to have a blog and I think Em has caught the bug.  Also, I shouldn’t really take all the credit.  I thought she was going be mainly content and I would act as her contractor for all design and customization.  I’m very happy to say how wrong I was.  I established the basic platform, using the lovely and flexible Atahualpa theme from BytesForAll.  That’s a great platform to start with because it features a TON of shortcuts that let you (me) manipulate code to get the look and color you want.

But now, Em is acting as site owner and, not only making the decorating and environmental decisions about HER website, but also implementing those decisions.  That’s a testament to her enthusiasm and the intuitive nature of the WP platform.  I remember how excited I was back in the day, when I set this thing up for myself, and now I’m getting to relive all that enthusiasm with Em.  Priceless.

I just have to say…

The design is adapted from a really user-friendly template developed by these folks.  Those nice looking links at the upper left are a bit of a bother, because I kind of let those ‘pages’ get away from me.  The real music content is, of course, over at Blogerantz.  Also, this VodPod thing on the right is going to get on my nerves.  It looks too much like an advertisement, and, unless I’m the guy getting paid, there’s no advertising on this page.  And when I say paid, I mean getting paid real money.

UPDATE: VodPod thingy is gone. That didn’t last long. Maybe I’ll use it on the video pages, but not here on the front.