Playlist for the Broad Street Run 10 Miler

Broad Street Run Running with headphones is not always the best idea.  For serious runners, it’s not allowed (even on marathons) and disqualifies competitors from obtaining championship points.  For amateurs and hacks like myself, headphones are completely inappropriate for night or dark runs because of obvious safety concerns.  But for yesterday’s Broad Street Run, a ten miler, headphones were not only ubiquitous, but perfectly reasonable, considering the fact that there is NO traffic and NO way to get lost.  The run is literally a straight shot down Broad Street.

I like music for the longer runs, as it has the very welcome effect of distracting me from any difficulty or discomfort.  The playlist for yesterday was made by selecting a bit more music than necessary, loading all onto my HTC Hero, so that ONLY those songs that had been selected would be played on the run, and then randomizing through the lot.  Here’s how it came out:

Over The Hill – Van Der Graaf Generator

La Rossa – Van Der Graaf Generator

Over The Top – Pure Reason Revolution

Death Head – Kaki King

Cigano – Steve Winwood

People You Were Going To – Peter Hammill

Childlike Faith in Childhood’s End – Van Der Graaf Generator

Moja Ziemio Wyśniona – SBB

Echoes – Pink Floyd

Darkness 11/11 – Van Der Graaf Generator

Mantra The Lawn – Paul Gilbert

A Saucerful of Secrets – Pink Floyd