Could Blogerantz find new life… as a ‘music blog’??

If you look at Dr Fusion and T.U.B.E., each makes reference to a multitude of other ‘music blogs’. Many of them are through Google/Blogger (as is Blogerantz) and the have a pretty uniform, no-nonsense design. As I look at the archive spreadsheet – disc inventory – I wonder if I could put a version of that list online, as an Excel doc, where you could tidily scroll through? I’m picturing a facebook-esq widget or something. I’m sure it could be easily done.

The more important question is, then what? Is everything going to get loaded onto, as well as going to DVD archive, iPod and iTunes Library? I don’t imagine that there’s that much call for everything on that growing list – not because it’s not good music, but because there simply aren’t that many people passing through Mpomy land. I’d like to keep it that way.

So the plan would be to have some fancy widget or other method to synchronize data entry on Excel with publishing on I simply refuse to believe that task will prove difficult. The next fun thing is to get into other Excel tools to hide certain selections. Even though the list will only be seen by those with knowledge of mpomy-world, I want to treat the appearance as if the thing were open to the public. The idea, then, is make a permanent link to blogerantz from mpomy, and then to use data entry on Excel to update the mpomy page. If someone makes a request for a certain item, then it would be become ‘available’ (as mp3 only) on blogerantz (via RapidSHare?).

Fun with Excel. I can hardly wait.