When you’re U2, you don’t sign ‘restictive covenants’ or ‘non-competes’

Apple and Blackberry may be direct competitors in the world of mobile phones, and Bono’s image may be indellibly and permanently stamped onto every iPhone and iPod Touch, but do you think Blackberry cares about that?  And U2 needs as much extra scratch as possible to help pay for all those nice folks helping to move The Claw all around the globe on this tour.  If Steve Jobs is feeling bad that his former pitchmen are now selling Blackberry, well, that’s too damn bad.  Because when you’re U2, you don’t sign a restrictive covenant or an agreement not to compete.  Pretty good video too.

I don’t want to be a haytah, but KA-BloooEY!!!

Destroy your TV

Destroy your TV

Dorothy ‘s latest article over at Forbes.com has some dire revelations in TV advertising.  It seems that in the past, most of the ad revenue (billions of dollars) for the Fall season is already committed by now.  This year, however, the amount of money committed is exactly nothing – $0.00.  That sounds serious.  Maybe serious enough for network TV to go off the air?  A boy can dream, can’t he?

TV Worship

Bart Blatsein is a developer who has pumped a ton of money into my neighborhood, God bless ‘im.  Part of the latest residential development is called The Piazza.  It features a large open space with a landscaping, seating and (wait for it) a gigantic outdoor TV!!

More than 600 apartments — which the outspoken, charismatic developer boasts are all leased — overlook the large veranda with the largest television screen this side of the Comcast Center.

This excerpt comes from that paragon of journalistic prowess, The Philadelphia Metro.  I’ll have to post a picture of this monstrosity over the weekend.  Because, you know, if I didn’t see it on some giant flat panel television – it didn’t really happen!!

Joe’s Knows

Trader Joe’s, your friendly neighborhood grocery chain, has a comical catalog of products called the Fearless Flyer.  As part of the of the gag, there is a list of the top ten reasons to shop at Trade Joes, and, sure enough, look at number 3!

3. No flat screens anywhere in sight

(whole list can be viewed here)

So, it’s not just me.  Other people are noticing, and they don’t like it.