@emopause and @TheLucyDog took my mop to New Hampshire for a long weekend

This is the first batch of pictures from our extended weekend in New Hampshire.  Em’s sister and husband have a beautiful place there where we could party with her folks and where I could spend my much-deserved down-time getting pummeled by a blond six-year-old.  So relaxing!  At least @TheLucyDog got to take full advantage of the downtime.

After Oscar (said blond tornado) went to bed, we could be embarrassed at Scrabble by sister Sarah who got the homonym bonus by nailing “sighs” and “size” in the same devastating move FOR THE WIN!

JazzFest (which ended ten days ago) chewed me up and spit me out. I’m still recovering.

Anyway, here are the pictures.  I’m going to continue trying to get my life together after that onslaught of music, partying, chow, music, fun, music and more music and MORE MUSIC!!