This is HUGE!! – MIDI clock sync in iOS

I’ve been waiting for this.  it feels like it’s been a long time.  With the simplified protocols and integration, I can start jamming with iPad, use that as master clock, synch a DAW on the MacBook, and play along with guitar.  Check out the video integrating two iOS devices:

I found out about the video and the tech via Synthtopia and the leading aps are being made by Finger, although Synthetic Bits‘ Funkbox is definitely in the mix.

iPad music compositions using Korg iMS-20 and Propellerhead Rebirth

Both of these apps are incredible!  The multi-touch interface of the iPad just makes it all come together, even for me – someone who has no idea what he is doing.  First check out this jam from Saturday morning using Rebirth from Propellerhead:

Rebirth Jam – 11/20/10

Although I find the sounds of Rebirth to be more historically relevant / important (Roland TB-303 x2, TR-808 and TR-909), the Korg iMS-20, which is an emulation of an analog synth called, not surprisingly, MS-20, is a little easier to nuts with.  Plus, the super-slick Soundcloud integration has me thinking about upgrading to a premium account.  Uh-oh…

New Session 2010-11-20 10.27.42.wav by mpomy

ReBirth for iPad – also, @peff is the coolest!

I’m posting this more for my benefit, as Kurt takes you through how to build a song with ReBirth for iPad.  I’d messed with the iPhone version, but it’s too damn small.  This looks beautiful and I can’t wait to start messing.

How much do love @peff?  I kinda wish he would do a similar review for the Korg iMS-20, which I picked up yesterday.  It also sounds pretty hot and has huge versatility.  Hopefully I’ll be posting jams (complete with resonator slide guitar parts?!?) from both of these killer apps soon.

Morning strum while fasting, featuring @thelucydog

Eventually, I have to give up all the dreams of being a superstar DJ and running Ableton Live with Reason 5, controlled on an iPad.  I mean, I’m sure I’ll keep dabbling, but eventually, I just have to go back to doing what I do.  And, in this case, it had been so long that I was a bit worried my fingers wouldn’t cooperate, but after all these years, they still remember.  This is just something, a bit sloppy, that Lucy and I made up on the spot.

Movie on 2010-09-18 at 09.29


#SOYCD, or hastily recorded music in a snowstorm

Got a nice amount of snow in Northern Liberties, so here’s that cover version you’ve been waiting for:

Stream: [audio:]

or link.

As usual, recorded a bit quietly to preserve quality, SO TURN IT UP!!